diferent types of computers

4 main pc's

desktop pc's

a desktop pc has a mouse, keyboard and a monator. It also has a tower which is basicly the brain of the computer. gamers use this device as it doesn't crash as much as a pc. Also website makers use this device because it has big amount of storage


laptops are usually used by teachers as they are portable so they are easy to carry and they have more than 1 local disc. Even though they have small storage space they are well planned and well made because they have a mouse pad, internal Mic, built in camera and of course the keypad


phones have adapted throughout the years . Mostly teenagers and some adults have phones for example

12-40 year olds usually use them. They are light, well made and there are lots of makes in the world. The most oldest phone is the Nokia brick. As i said they have been adapted throughout the years and now they are called smart phones as it has a built in camera on both sides you can get touch screen and you can get apps from the app store

computer tablet

Computer tablets are basic smart computer as it is touch screen. It is easy to carry around and you can use it on the go. Say if you was on the bus you can get it out then simply slide it back in your bag. I think business people would use it as it has all the normal apps like a computer