Bullying At Coppell High School

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What do CHS students say about bullying?

Based on anonymous interviews, only 25% of the CHS student body would help a victim of bullying, while the other 75% would either watch the bullying occur or pretend not to notice it. This data shows that a vast majority of the students are too scared to act against bullying, which is a major problem. We believe that bullying can lead to severe distress among the victims, and in some extreme cases- suicide. To prevent this, we want to incite a change in the perspective of the students at CHS towards the severity of bullying.

Which one are you?

How can we stop bullying?

Based on our obtained data, 75% of CHS students believe that the best way to halt bullying is to show people the saddening and severe effects it has on its victims. We are confident that this method will help hasten the end of bullying in our hallways, especially since credible authors such as CNN Senior Producer and Author Mallory Simon writes in her article, "My Bullied Son's Last Day on Earth," that the only way to stop bullying is to “illustrate the effects” (Simon WWW). If the students of CHS are exposed to the true horrors of bullying, they will be inclined to think negatively of it. This method may be the key to decreasing, if not ending, bullying at CHS.

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