Mrs. Katona's First Grade Artists

Cezanne's Apples

Paul Cezanne - French Artist

In art class, we learned about the famous artist, Paul Cezanne. He was born in France in 1839 into a wealthy family and never had to worry about money. He worked as an artist and primarily did landscapes, still lifes, and portraits. Realistic art was no longer popular. In fact, still lifes were becoming less and less popular among the critics and buyers. Cezanne had to come up with another way to paint a still life that was fresh and new. He decides to represent real life in simple forms. His still life with apples shows his geometric simplification. We looked at some of Cezanne's still life paintings with fruit. He changed the way we look at still lifes today. His style was very popular and influenced many other great artists like Pablo Picasso and Matisse. He is credited with bridging the gap between Impressionism and Cubism.