surviving hurricanes

Anybody can be a hero


Matt lives in rock away,NY and he just went through a storm he has been through some but not like this. he had to put sand bags on the ground of the basement floors but it didn't help the water was three feet i the air when he got out.then his parents Matt Sr. had said lets go to our neighbors house and Matt had seen a old lady bout to drown, and he went to save her.


Ariel was in the same place as Matt they both lived in rock away,NY. However, she saved some body totally different. She mad a Facebook account for family's in rock away. Ariel helped one kid get his Lego set back from a family in Texas. She got an award for this!

demote love

Here id demote can you save six babies and you also one. This kid is a hero.The six kids where scared on the streets of New Orleans . But when he got there he told the lady what happen and whats him moms name.