Teacher of Art and Recreation

By: Kaylie Kirk

Duties of an Art teacher

Art teachers work in school and community settings and instruct students in the basic principles of art and art history. Art is taught in elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as universities. As a result of this, a teacher has many options to specialize in a certain category of art. A teacher may specialize in paint, pencil, charcoal, pastels, and even photography. Art teachers supervise and assist students in expanding their knowledge or art and their ability to perform art. They must grade artwork and always encourage creativity. They must be able to teach in a multitude of ways in order to help each individual student.

Photos of Art and Recreation teachers in action

Educational Requirements

Art teachers who instruct at a community level may not need any formal education but just a good understanding of art and how to teach it. Art teachers who work at a college typically have a master of fine arts. Teachers at public or private schools for grades from kindergarten to 12th typically have a bachelor's degree in art or fine arts.

Salary Outlook

Salary depends on amount of education and the location of the job however the median salary pay for an art teacher is about 62,000 dollars a year.