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IT Admin - Harrison Bailey

IT Admin Assistant

Company Name:

Nationwide Placements UK

Specific Skills required:

Excellent IT skills

The ability to learn while working

Checking the progress of contracts

  • Having excellent IT skills means the user does not need much training at all. For a business it means that they need to train the user less for them to start working at optimum level of work flow. People can say they have excellent IT skills but those who truly do will be able to prove they have done with past experiences that they can state on a CV and use during an interview. For the employee having these skills means that they can show to others that they have the skills that they want and need, as a job finder you are trying to sell your skills to potential buyers (employers) if the don't like what they're buying they won't do.
  • To be able to learn while working is a very good skill in the workplace because it means you can add to what you know easily, this is very good in the IT sector because it is always changing, expanding, upgrading. An employee who can learn how to use new kit quickly means they can get back to work quickly. For the employee to learn while working helps them in making them more employable to other businesses and giving them a better chance of not being removed from the business because other have been learning.
  • To have continuous communication with our contracts is very good practice. When you talk to them you can learn about what they need, want, are they happy with the current project? In doing this they will feel like they are being cared for by the team helping them. This is good for the business because it means they can update how their project is going, if the project has veered away from the original plan or not and how to plan ahead to minimize future issues. For an employee having good relations with contracts mean they can stay within the loop so that they can tailor their work towards what the contract wants better than if they were to follow the plan on paper.

General Skills required:

Good communication skills

Supporting peers

  • To have good communication skills is very good for an employee, like I've mentioned before to be able to share information with your team is very good for the business as a whole. A team that can share what point they are at in the project means that they can update each other and learn from each other, when to start the next module, to halt progress of one part to help another peer with their task. Working together means the team can get more done than they would in isolation. For the employee is means they can build relations in the work place, public networking means they can have a database of which person to go for help or support with an issue.
  • Supporting peers in their work is a very useful thing for businesses, there will be someone that can help another in a business, what ever it may be. If an employee needs help they would be able to find the correct peer that will be able to solve their issue so that they may carry on working. For an employee this is useful because they can learn from their supporting peers so that is doesnt happen again. To minimise employees needing support is the goal of a business because it means they know everything they need to but that cannot always be the case so supporting those who don't is very good. After a while people will become 'gurus' in their field where they will become the go to person for that topic.

Attitudes/Soft skills:

Good observation skills

Working within deadlines

  • To have good observation skills means that an employee can notice things that others would skim over and ignore, these can be important problems that should not have gone un-noticed. For the business having people who are good at finding out problems are very important because they will root out the issues to solve before selling the project to the customer. For the employee to be good at observation means they can sell them selves better to employers.
  • Working to deadlines is very important to anyone working in any business, going further than the deadline means you are late, holding up others can have serious consequences to others in the team. For the business working within these dealines means they can stay within the project planed time line. For the employee having experience and proof of keeping within deadlines is a very good skill to have because employers want people who will be on time for completeing their work.


Company name: Nationside Placements UK

Contact number: 01904 202207

Where?: 8 Church Road, Swindon, Dudley DY3 4PG, UK