Party Time With a Side of Murder

The mayors party takes a turn for the worst when Mr.Strangeway is found strangled to death! One of the party guests, Mr.Crockett found the body.

"I went outside to smoke and that's when I found the body." said Mr.Crockett.

There were many different pieces of evidence found at the crime scene. After being found and carefully bagged to not contaminate it, then the evidence is taken to the crime lab to be studied.

The first piece of evidence found was the rope used to strangle the victim. It was taken to the lab for analysis of what the substance could be. Experiments showed that the substance was calcium carbonate, which is also known as chalk. This find made investigators turn their attention to Ms.Kidd a daycare teacher that would very likely have chalk on her hands.

The next piece of evidence was the glass that the victim was drinking out of. The glass was found to have poison in it. the poison was not meant to kill him though, the affects weakened him and made it easier for his attacker to subdue him. Also found on the glass were finger prints other than the victims. When tested they were found to be similar to those of Ms.Kidd.

Things seemed to be all pointing it the direction of Ms.Kidd, then things took an unexpected turn. It was found that the lab that did the test had a contamination. The scientists were not wearing gloves or aprons so the evidence was thrown out. Due to reasonable doubt Ms.Kidd was found not guilty.