Khrys-suaruos Bucket List

April 2014

#1 Floating the Frio River

I would like to go to the Frio River and float the river.The physical change would be water because it runs through and takes small sediments with it.

#2 Climbing Mount Everest

I would like to climb mount Everest because I would like to see what on top of the world really is. The change would be physical because it is covered with ice. I mean all over the place.

#3 Yosemite Mountains in California

I would love to go to Yosemite mountains because it shines on the mountain and the tall trees. Its so gorgeous. The Yosemite Mountain would be physical. The mountains are physical because they are covered with snow at the top of Yosemite.

#4 Scuba Diving

I would like to see the Coral Reef because of the colorful things under the ocean. Scuba Diving has kinda been one of my fears because of sharks. The change would be physical because of the running water shaping the coral.
SCUBA Diving Coral Reef - Show Reel

#5 Cruise to Jamaica

A cruise to Jamaica would probably be the best out of the five because i have never been on a cruise. I have always wanted to learn more about different cultures that are not on this content. The change would be Physical because of the motion in the water. It would be of its depth in the water for the boat to move in.