Discus: The Sport

George X.

The Few, the Proud, and the Tough

Discus is one of the oldest sports in the Olympics. What's discus? Discus is a sport where a heavy thick-centered disk thrown by an athlete, in ancient Greek games or in the modern field events like the Olympics. Yep, throwing a disc across a field, is a sport.

The Goal of the Study

Out of the total sports, I could have chosen any of them right? But instead I chose discus, over swimming, running, or even long jump. I tried to see what the distance was compared to the males and the females. In the beginning, the males were losing, as so to say, their throwing distance was less to the females. But then later one, the males catched up, but they only got to level with the females. Overall, the females threw longer than the males.

Reason of the Article

I choose the sport discus, because discus was an old sport, many play it but not as much as swimming or running, but I mean, discus is really fun! You throw a disc as far as you can! Pretty similar to throwing (as in water skipping) the pebbles into the lake, just a lot heavier and its a disc, not a pebble.

The Scatter Plot

The blue dots are the male competitors and the green are the female competitors.

The Linear Regressions

Each line represents the trend for the male and female Olympic gold medalist times. Blue represents the female trend line and red represents the male.

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The Meaning of the Intersection

When the two lines intersect, the point they cross is the place where they might both have the same or similar distance of the throw. Then after the point of the intersection, the female (the red line) goes down and the males (the blue) rises higher than the females.

The X- Coordinates

The X coordinates are the year of the Olympics.

The Y- Coordinates

The Y coordinates are the distance (meters) of where the discus was thrown. The distance it traveled.