Peter the Great

Good side of the Russian Czar

Early advances in Russia's History

Peter the Great made extensive reforms such as started a strong naval unit along with reconfigured his army to the western standards. Peter also started schools and took better control over the Orthodox Church.

Trading with Russia

Do to the abundance of raw materials Russia could offer Russia had plenty of pitch, potash, tallow, leather, grain and furs. By travelling through Russia, European merchants also hoped to be able to join in the lucrative eastern luxury trade in silk and spices. (

Peter's intersets/early childhood

Peter was born on May 30,1672 and died on February 8,1725.

Peters had a strong interest in carpentry, and sailing and building ships. In his first years as tsar, he was not very interested in government and stayed away from Moscow, the capital city of Russia.

What is abolustim

A political theory Holding all power vested in one ruler or authority