Deforestation in Africa

Social Groups Affected; How and Why


Deforestation, what is it? Deforestation is the removal of vegetation. How does this effect social groups? It effects the people of Africa by spreading harmful diseases, affecting the standard of living, causing desertification, making people lose their homes, and causing a lack of food and water. But why is this happening? This is happening because they need to drill for oil and in some cases workers are forced to work at gun point.

Diseases, loss of homes, desertification, and lack of food and water.

As a result of deforestation, many new tropical diseases are being introduced to Africa. Many new microscopic killers are invading Africa too. Because of the over hunting, some essential animals need for the growth of the forest are disappearing. Indigenous people are losing their habitat and homes because a of deforestation. All of these factors can have harsh effects on local economies. Increase of flooding, lack of clean water, and not being ableto produce their own food causes many locals to move to cities that lack infrastructure for them.