Room 215

Mrs. White's Team


12/7-12/11: Reading MAPS Testing - Please try not to schedule doctor/dentist appointments this week

12/10: 4th Grade Musical

12/15: Historical Fiction Project DUE

12/21-12/5: Winter Break - NO SCHOOL


Math: Student have begun working on algebraic expressions and equations. Many of them are really enjoying learning basic algebra! Please ask your child about PEMDAS!

Reading: Students took their Math MAPS test during reading time. I am so proud of how hard each and every student worked! We also read Fire Storm and worked on drawing conclusions.

Writing: Students are completing an Elf application. I cannot wait to see how these turn out!

Social Studies:We have begun our unit on studying economics and the roles we play in our economy. We even did a little activity where the kids had to sell an item (not really) to the class. It was great to see what the HOT items were (high demand) and how that affected the cost.

** A Kindness Elf has joined our classroom for the month of December. Each day our elf leaves a note guiding us to participate in an act of kindness for the day. So far we have...

Sat with someone new at lunch

Created a kind note for a loved one

Created cards for our cafeteria workers

Sharpened pencils and surprised another class with them


Math: We will continue Unit 4, creating equations to help us solve word problems and even begin to look at graphs and how we can use them to help us.

Reading: Student will take the Reading and Language MAPS Test this week. We will also read The Stranger, a character that is very similar to Jack Frost. We will continue working on being able to draw conclusions from the text we read.

Writing: Students will work on writing a narrative about a missing reindeer.

Social Studies: Student will finish up their Economics Unit. How many of you have had a kiddo come home asking to play Money Metropolis? Our students love this game and it is a great way to teach them about saving, spending, and how to earn money! See link below!

Historical Fiction Book Project

I am sending an update on our Historical Fiction project which is due on 12/15.

I have discussed and shown the students what their project could look like. I am also sending a picture of this example with this email. Attached you will find the rubric and project instructions. These were also sent home with students back at the beginning of the month. :) Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Thanks!!

HFB Directions and Grading Rubric:

Historical Fiction Book Project

1. Select a Historical fiction book from the public library or school library. (Each child needs a book by November 13th).

2. Read a little bit of your book each night! The whole project is due December 15th. Set a goal to finish reading your book by December 1st.

3. Decorate the outside of a paper bag or you can use poster board. Your decorations need to be pictures of the main ideas, characters and events in the story. You also need to write the title.

4. Choose 7 objects to place in your bag. Each object has to be important to the story. (You may print pictures if you don’t have the object). Write one sentence per object explaining its importance in the story. (Make sure all objects are school appropriate…can print pictures or draw)

5. Write a summary of the story that will be turned in.

6. Present the book project to the class.

**Please see attached rubric

Historical Fiction Book Report Rubric

Student has a bag/poster decorated _____/10

Student has 7 objects and one sentence

per object _______/14

Student has a neatly written summary

in their own words _____/20

Student speaks clearly, makes eye contact

and speaks loudly ______/10

Student summarizes their book

without looking at their paper ________/20

It is clear the student read the

whole book ______/20

The student answers questions at the end _________/6

Total _______/100