The Alvieators

Alfredo Antonetti, Jacob Sogan, and Nate Elder

About us

  • Team member responsibilities and description

Pilot and Medical Officer-Nate, He us in charge if flying the plane, double checking the route, and determines what medical supplies are needed for mission to prevent our goal. Is the expert on disease and participates in the selection of other relief supplies.

Navigator-Alfredo, I am in charge of identifying airports suitable for stops and I calculator flight times, I also review weather and I notify the pilot if we need changes. I also design the route we will take to Tacloban.

Load Master-Jacob, Supervises the division of supplies on the pallets based on the capacity of the plane. Takes part in selection of medical supplies.

  • Info about your team

We are called The Alleviators, and we are a crew of 3 people and we are traveling to Tacloban to help after the typhoon.

  • Your mission goal

Our goal is to prevent and cure cases of the measles, and prevent a epidemic of the disease.

  • You primary objective

To provide medical support to the people of Tacloban and bring help.


  • Manifest of what was delivered

5 Crates of Water, 3 Box's of Clothing and Blankets, 6 Box's of Food, 7 Medical supplies, 3 Mosquito Supplies, 1 Hospital, 2 portable Latrines, 5 Refrigerated Medical Chest, 4 Miscellaneous.

  • Time it took to deliver supplies

31 Hours and 23 minutes to deliver these supplies to tacloban

  • Your flight route

Houston Texas - Salt Lake City, Utah - Gilford Island, Canada - Kantishna, Alaska - Tilichiki, Russia - Khomutovo, Russia - Kanoya, Kyushu - Tacloban.

  • Was your goal accomplished?

Yes, our goal was accomplished in this PBL


  • model of pallets and how it was packed'

Done (look at picture)

  • total weight and total volume used

The total weight is 83,000 pounds and the total volume is

  • Which supplies directly addressed your goal?

Refrigerated medical chest, medical supplies, and miscellaneous.

Big image


  • Chronological description of what was accomplished

1st we did our first briefing, 2nd week we did the briefing of the diseases, 3rd week we did the cargo plane with the pallets and model, and the 4th week we worked on our smore and putting everything together.

  • Misconceptions addressed

I thought that the disease was going to be harder but there was sites that helped with finding most of it.

  • Strategies that worked and did not work

A strategy that worked was dividing up the work so we could get things done faster like, someone put the cut outs on the paper, one cut our the paper, and one who tapes it.

  • Tips/Lessons learned

Work hard and get things done so you can have free time and extra time to over look things at the end of the week and PBL. I learned that if you don't work hard and mess around it becomes harder and you don't get as good of a grade because your also rushing and doing bad work.

  • Statement reflecting purpose/accomplishments

Our purpose was to deliver relief to Tacloban, and our specific goal was to cure all cases of measles and prevent a epidemic. We accomplished this goal and we also accomplished doing good in all the briefings helping us to do better in the PBL and overall goal.