Marc Chagall

Considered the biggest Jewish artist of all the time

Fact File

Name: Marc Chagall

Date of Birth: 7 July 1887.

Country of Birth: Liozna, near Vitebsk, Russian Empire.

(where he lived) Country: Moved to Paris and after some years back to Vitebsk.

Date Of Death: 28 March 1985

The style of his paintings: Cobism, Fantasy and Dreams.

Answers For Questions

1) What is the name of the famous painting by the artist and where is it hanging today?

The name of the famous painting by Marc Chagall is "I and the Village", it's hanging in Museum of Modern Art, New York.

2) Was your artist famous while he was alive?

3) What painting made the artist famous?

The painting that made the artist famous is "I and the Village".

4) Find 3 more facts about the artist?

The painting "I and the village" is hanging in the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

It shows a Jewish Village and the life of the people in that village.

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The painting "The Fiddler" is hanging in Guggenheim Museum, New York.

It shows the fiddler in Marc's village and that he works hard to earn money by playing the violin.

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