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Ms. Sayed Arabic Class

To Tarbiyah Academy's Kindergartner Family,

As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu,

Welcome back! Whether you spent your time relaxing, studying, working, or on a trip, I hope you had an enjoyable spring break.

We had a great first two terms and we look forward to an exciting more term to go!

Also, I want to send a sincere thank you to all of you who came out to parent-teacher-student conferences. InshaAllah you all enjoyed listening to your child reflect on all the beautiful work in their portfolios!

Alphabets and words

We were working on the different forms of the letters. We worked on letter "Kaf "ك, with harakat. كعبة- كرسي-كرة

We continued breaking apart words into the letters composing them through a fun cards game. We are also building up words through putting together wooden blocks representing letters in their different forms.

Songs, games, puzzles, and reading

The collection of spoken words that a child understands is usually called his or her oral vocabulary.

We build oral vocabulary when we share books, stories, songs and rhymes, and talk about the meanings of words.
Games and puzzles can help, too.

use this is هذا - هذه male &femalewith family members
أنشودة الحروف بدون موسيقى
أنشودة حرف الكاف ك - تعلم معنا الحروف الهجائية


** I sent home with the kids laminated name tag to help them practice writing their own names. We are doing this already in school, but we need more practice. PLEASE use DRY Erase Markers.

Learner profiles Flash Cards

Please ask your child to listen to the learner profiles in Arabic every night through this quizlet:


In writing we work on how to differentiate between illustrations and written text use their own experience as a stimulus when drawing and "writing" show curiosity and ask questions about written language show an awareness of sound-symbol relationships and begin to recognize the way that some familiar sounds can be recorded

Creating a booklet

Students used Learned vocabulary relating to family members and how to express feelings towards them to create a booklet.

I love to hear from you.....

Please email me with any comments, questions, suggestions, and/ or concerns you may have.


Ms. Sayed