Tribe of Jumano

One of the tribes in Puebloan

About them

Jumano was one of the very first Texas Indians to come across Europeans during the year of 1535. They also had at least three different groups living in different parts of the region. One part was along the Rio Grande to the Rio Concho River. The second was in Old and New Mexico. The third was around the Southern Plains. The third is the one people don't know much about.During the Spanish years, they would trade with the Spanish and Indians. They worked as scouts and missionaries for the Spanish, but they later rebelled against them. During the 1660's, they were in war with the Apaches and later in the 1700's, they had lost people, territory, and trade routes. Their culture died out, but some of the survivors joined other tribes, while a small group might be the ones who became the foundation of Kiowas in Texas. They were one of the friendliest tribes too.


Their culture was called Puebloan because of the houses they lived in. The Jumano lived in Adobe homes, that were al least one or two stories tall. The walls were made from large Adobe mud brick. The rooms were small, where a family would live in one room! In everything they did, they worked as a team.


The Jumano's had cotton, which they wove into clothing and blankets. They were mostly naked, but when it got colder, they used the blankets for warmth. They were also tattooed on most of their bodies. Some clothing came from the skin of animals they ate and lion cloth.


The Jumano were farmers, which they planted food, like corn, beans, and squash. They would hunt buffalo, but traded the skin sometimes to other tribes. They would trade salt and other meats as well.
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The government had at least one leader in each tribe of Puebloan, so Jumano had it's own leader, or it's own government. Their leaders name was Juan Sabeata


Some of the regions they lived in was around El Paso. It was close to the Rio Grande, which is a good place for farming. The three regions were in Nueva Vizcaya, New Mexico, and Texas. You can see the region that they were in on the map over at the front.

How they adapted

They had very neat houses, so they could at least find everything they would need to do a certain activity, like hunting, or farming. They had a reliable river, and a somewhat reliable seasonal rainfall. They farmed next to the rivers, so the crops could grow faster, and it could keep them cool when they got hot. Some populations were small, which was mostly because they didn't have enough food for many people. After a while, it started growing faster. They also got used to living with many people. They also didn't have many things to worry about, like their houses breaking down. They also probably got used to the sun, when they where getting here.


Comparing the Jumano's with one of the fiercest tribes in Texas, the Comanche, will barley have anything in common. Jumano was one of the friendliest, not really afraid of outsiders, while Comanche probably killed outsiders. But they both made pottery. The Comanche lived in teepees, while the Jumano lived in adobe homes. They also both hunted buffalo's.

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