By: Joleen Viloria

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Come visit the Comic Con!

Comic Con is a worldwide event in which everyone comes together and express their interests such as: movies, TV shows, comic books, etc. Some would cosplay, or dress up as their favorite characters. Actors. actresses, and producers of these shows would make an appearance and talk about what's in store on their show. Comic book artists would showcase their latest projects to fans as well. This event goes on in four consecutive days during the summer season.


The convention was found around 1970 and it was originally called the Golden State Conic Book Convention. It originally showcased comic books and science fiction/ fantasy novels until the 21st century. Now they become more immersed in pop culture, anime, video games, TV shows, animation, and movies.


There are many locations and venues for Comic-Con to take place. The most prominent area to go to Comic-Con is at San Diego because most fans live around Southern California. The building in where the event takes place is at the San Diego Convention Center.

San Diego Comic-Con

Thursday, July 9th, 8am to Sunday, July 12th, 10pm

San Diego, CA, United States

San Diego, CA