Odysseus Assignment

By: Jackson Yates


Odysseus is a true hero for his bravery. All he wants is the best for the people he cares for. He says in his poem, "I and my crew takes and try and find out who these men are, whether they are cruel, savage and lawless, or good to strangers, and in their hearts fear the gods."


He lies to the Cyclopes so his men and the others so they would not be harmed if the Cyclopes decides to go and find the rest of the men. he says in his poem, "Poseidon, Earth-Shaker, smashed my ship to pieces, wrecking her on the rocks that edge your island, driving her close to the headland so the wind threw her onshore. But I and my here escaped destruction."


"I went up to him, holding and ivy-wood bowl full of dark wine" he was the one who talked to the Cyclopes, not any other. He volunteered without worrying.