by Marcell Jackson A4

Agricultural products

Agricultural products grown in japan include cereals, with rice being the chief export, as well as mandarin oranges, tobacco, potatoes, cabbages, wheat and barely.

Native customs and beliefs

The Japanese customs consist of kimonos, female traditional dresses, and yukatas. It also includes annual events, public baths, traditional music, and cherry blossoms. One of the most common would be leaving your shoes at the door or placing your chopsticks on your bowl correctly.

The Japanese religion is either Shinto, the way of the gods, and Japanese Buddhism. Because of these beliefs believers do not eat meat or any product from an animal, no butter, milk, eggs, fish, or other foods produced by an animal.


The Japanese celebrate almost anything from children day to new years eve and out of those holidays the ones that mostly involve food would be Valentines day and White day. White day is a day were all the men give women cakes and chocolate and Valentines day women give men chocolate, which is a little different from our American tradition of giving women flowers and chocolate