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Welcome to my news flyer. I recently set two goals for myself: 1. To spread the good news about the brilliant things I get to see in my colleagues' classrooms and from all around the world of education. 2. To not just be a consumer of the internet, but to be a contributor to it as well. So here's my initial attempt at meeting both of these goals at once. Sometimes these postings will be more on the techy side of teaching, sometimes more literacy based and sometimes both. I hope there are some worthwhile nuggets in here for you. Be sure to complete the one question form at the bottom for a sweet surprise. I promise it will take no longer than 30 seconds :) Yes, that's me as Super Grover next my brother as Optimus Prime. Ha ha kids your love for transformers is something you ripped off from us in the '80s!

News, Nuggets and Nerds


Brain Pop Jr.

I'm very excited to announce that we will all soon have Brain Pop Jr. for the remainder of the school year for our students to use on their iPads. We are piloting a trial version to see what we think of it and how much we use it. If we like it and implement it as a resource to help our students reach learning targets, we may get have it for next year. Brain pop is a video based app catered to kids. It offers a library of videos to help teach concepts in math, content, reading etc. and it has quizzes and other activities attached to the videos! More info. to come about the the trial subscriptions asap.


Want S'more! ?

My first nugget is about this cool eflyer you're looking at right now. Believe me I couldn't create something this cool without help. Smore is a free online news flyer catered to educators, businesses and extremely cool people ;) to send newsletters and other information in an eye appealing way. You can customize a ton and there is a paid version if you want even more options. But everything you see here is from the more wallet friendly FREE version!

Headstrong Nation

This a great tool for assessing your students' strengths and attitudes. Either you or your students answer the multi choice questions (in about 10 minutes) and then it gives you data in a really easy to understand visual graph (see video below) and the best part is, it focuses on the positives!! This would a great tool for a teacher who wanted to find the strengths in a low achieving student, or what type of learning may appeal to a student who doesn't seem to like school, or a certain subject. This web tool is totally free but there's one caveat, headstrong nation was designed for students with dyslexia, but ignore that because headstrong nation a great tool to better understand and help educate all kids. Thanks for sharing Cheryl!!
How to use Headstrong Nation's Strength & Attitudes Stars

Thank you!

That's it for the first flyer, but much much more to come! Don't forget to complete the form, don't worry it's not a reflection questionnaire ;)