Salt Marshes

by Marcus Viruet

What are salt marshes?

Salt marshes are found on the outside of Florida, where the ocean surrounds it. They are flooded and drained by salt water brought in by tides and the environment can cause hypoxia, a condition caused by low oxygen levels. Even with it's dangerous oxygen levels, there are many interesting things about this ecosystem.

Biotic Features

  • Animals

  1. Blue crab
  2. Clapper rail
  3. Horseshoe crab
  4. Osprey
  5. Oysters
  6. Raccoon
  7. Seaside sparrow

  • Plants

  1. Black needlebush
  2. Cabbage palm
  3. Christmas berry
  4. Glasswort
  5. Leather fern
  6. Wax myrtle

  • Algae