Race Relations In America

Written By: Kyle Gommel

History Of Slavery In America

Slavery began when European merchants started the triangular trade. The triangular trade was a trade pattern by three countries. America gave Europe raw goods like cotton, tobacco, sugar, etc. Europe then made manufactured good like clothes in textile mills. They sent those goods to Africa. Africa then sent slaves to america for purchase. The slaves were sent on slave ships, crowded, dark, damp boats. Disease was a high risk in the cramped quarters. Many slaves died on the trip to america. There was a high demand for slaves because of the farming in the south. Cotton farming was big in the south, so slaves were needed to pick the cotton from the plants.

Slaves in america were treated poorly. A typical day for a slave was long hours of work, from early morning to late at night. They got little sleep at all. They also weren't given a healthy amount of food. Most slaves only had food for the week, so they had to make it last. Their housing was not the best either. Depending on the owner most slaves didn't have beds. If they were lucky they would've been given a bed and a blanket. Punishment was harsh if they did something wrong. Whipping was the primary punishment for slaves. The scars left were not a sight to see. Slaves were not allowed to attend school. Slaves were not supposed to be able to read or write. There were some slaves however that knew how to and used it to their advantage.

It took until 1865 for slavery to be illegal in the united states, with the 13th amendment added to the u.S constitution. In 1808 congress banned the importation of slaves from Africa, this helped stop the slave population from growing. Some slave owners still illegally smuggled slaves in from other places instead. Then in 1820 the Missouri compromise banned slavery north of the southern boundary of Missouri. In 1849 Harriet Tubman escaped slavery and created the underground railroad, a way for slaves to escape up north. In 1863 Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, this meant that all slaves in the confederate states were now free from their owners. This was a huge part of getting slavery abolished.

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Fixing Race Relations Now

Fixing Race Relations In America

The relationship between the races is still not perfect. African Americans are still stereotyped by people today. For example, many white people judge African Americans because of how they talk, how they dress, and their hair. At Mentor High School, an African American student refused to give up and e-cigarette and was tackled by police. Many other African Americans saw this as racist because he was black. There was a study with little African America and Caucasian kids. They were show pictures of kids with skin ranging form white to dark brown. They were asked which kid was the smart one, ugly one, dumb one, etc. the African America kids said the whit child was dumb or ugly and vice versa for the Caucasian kids.

I want to make a meeting ground, like a park, for African Americans and other people can sit and talk or participate in games/activities. The park will be called The Races Come Together. There will be multiple trails for people to walk and talk on, of various lengths. There will be benches along the paths for breaks. There will be a play ground in the middle of the park with a bathroom and water fountains. It will be next to a big field for larger games to be played. There also will be a lake for fishing.

We hope to get 2-3 of these parks located in each state. We want the races to come together and make friends. These parks will hopefully improve the relationship between the African Americans and the other people of the U.S. If people can get to know each other they will create new relationships and make the race relations better.

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About The Author

An 8th grade student at Shore Middle School. I am a runner and a baseball player.

Races Come Together Grand Opening

Thursday, April 23rd, 1pm

Veterans Memorial Park, Mentor, OH, United States

Mentor, OH

Come to the Grand Opening of our new park, The Races Come Together. There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony along with refreshments after. RSVP with us so we know how much food and drinks to purchase. (440-334-0241)