Parenting Skills

Some tips on Parenting Skills!

Children's Needs

  • Physical - giving your child a safe place to live and food to keep them healthy
  • Social - letting your child communicate with others and showing them as an example
  • Emotional - showing that you care and telling them that you love them
  • Intellectual - reading and doing experiments with them and leading by example

Three Parenting Styles

  • child is told what to do, and is expected to obey
  • PROS- child is very structured CONS- child has no say

  • child is given a certain amount of freedom
  • PROS- child and parent both gets say CONS- takes longer to work things out


  • child sets their own rules
  • PROS- very fast CONS- child doesn't know what the real world is like
What's Your Parenting Style? 3 Basic Parenting Styles: Autocratic, Democratic, Permissive

Effective Directions

1.Be sure you have the child’s attention

2.Use positive statements- say what you want them to do rather than what they should NOT do

3.Use clear words the child can understand

A.Please pick up your dolls

B.Do not leave your clothes in the living room

4.Give one direction at a time

5.Give praise and love when child cooperates

Example: Tell the child to clean up one thing at a time and tell them good job.

Giving Directions to Your Child

Unintentional Behavior

  • When you do something that you have no control over.

Example: A child having turrets.

Negative Reinforcement

  • A response aimed at strengthening desired behavior by removing an unpleasant trigger

  • Four Types
  1. Natural Consequence
  2. Logical Consequence
  3. Loss of Privilege
  4. Time-Out

Poor Disciplinary Measures

  1. Bribing
  2. Making Child Promise to Behave
  3. Shouting or Yelling
  4. Threatening to Withhold Love
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