Disaster at Sea!

So Called "Weather Machines"

These so called machines can not actualy control weather. Weather machines are like machines in the sense that the parts of it work together, but there's no controlling some of the severe storms that come with them.

The weather machine's porpoise is to create weather.

The Creation of a Hurricane

Step 1.Tropical thunderstorms begin the process. Warm water creates moisture in the air, which then condences, creating thunderstorms.

Step 2. When these thunderstorms join together, it makes a tropical disturbance. These clusters of storms move with prevailing winds.

Step 3.

Storms and Hurricanes

Not all storms are hurricanes. For example, thunderstorms happen very often in some parts of the world, but are not cause or contributed to hurricanes.

Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Tropical Cyclones

There is not one specifis name for tLow pressure systems, also called "cyclones," spin counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere