By: Ava O'Gara


The Mayas were found in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. The Mayas farming worshiped Mazie (corn) they actually thought they were made from Mazie. They also used a technique called flash and burn they would cut down grass and burn it to make better soil for planting. The Mayas would build large pyramids to honor their gods the pyramids they made were very detailed and decorative. The Mayas wrote on steles and they would contain pictures and glifs. They also invented the number system wich was actually based 20. They were he first civilization to use the number 0. The Mayas also liked to play a game with their hips to pass time. The loser of the game would be sacrificed to the gods.


They Incas were found in the western coast of south America Wich included Peru, Andes mountains, Bolivia, and Ecuador. The Incas Created a record system called quipu (Knots were tied in varied sizes and different colors). The Incas had a different way of farming the Incas used something called steppe as there farming systems it was just flatted out ground planted in things called terests in sections. They were also the first civilization to harvest the potato. They Incas did not have a writing system, but they did have a verbile system. They also built Machu Pichu. They played a game a called tlachtli what they did was split into teams and were in protective gear it was a mixture of basketball, soccer, and kickball they would take the losers close and money sometimes wives and children.


They Aztecs were from Central northwest desert of Mexico lived in what is now known as the Northwest desert of Mexico. The Aztecs created feather headdresses, stone sculptures, and jewelry sets with precious stone. They also created codices wich were books that held picture and symbols to represent words and ides as their language writing. The Aztecs farmed on constructed planting beds called chinampas wich were raised garden beds They had to make these cause they lived so close to the lake. So of the things they planted were corn, squash, and chili peppers. They would sacrifice victims of wars and battles to make the earth go round.