Wildlife Biologist

By: Alex Amaya

What a Wildlife Biologist Does

Wildlife Biologist study the physical characteristics animal, animal behaviors, and the way humans impact the wildlife and natural habitats.

Education and Experience Requirements

You need a least a bachelor's degree to become a Wildlife Biologist.For higher investigative work you will need a masters degree. A Ph. D is necessary for independent research purposes and need to be familiar with computer programming.


The salary for a Wildlife Biologist is $59,640.

Job Outlook

Employment for Wildlife Biologist is projected to increase by 4% from the year 2014 to 2024.

Advantages and Diadvantages

Advantage - Wildlife Biologist love nature and helping conserve the wildlife

Disadvantage - They sometimes hate working and remote locations and traveling a lot.

Ways to advance as a Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife Biologist get greater responsibility and independence as they gain experience in their job. With a Ph. D, biologist usually lead independent research projects.

Tasks That are Involved in This Career

  • Monitor and manage wildlife populations and invasive plants and animals
  • Write research papers and reports on their findings
  • Collect biological data for analysis
  • Analyze the influence that humans have on the wildlife

Where you would work at

Wildlife Biologist work in offices, laboratories, and the outdoors. It depends on their interest if they want be in the field a lot gathering information or be in a office or laboratory . They work in both warm or cold climates and in any kind of weather.