Hitler and Nazi Germany

The Rise of Nazism

  • The Enabling Act of 1933 allowed Germany to ignore the constitution and made Hitler the dictator.
  • Under the rule of Hitler, the Nazi party took down the democratic civil service, setup concentration camps for opponents of them, dissolved trade unions, and all political parties except for the Nazis were abolished.
  • By the end of the summer of 1933, Hitler and the Nazi party had complete control of Germany.

Hitler's Plans

  • Hitler wanted to create an Aryan social state that would dominate Europe and the world.
  • He and the Nazis wanted to create an empire as powerful as the Ancient Romans and wanted to call it "The Third Reich" (The Nazis believed that the world had already seen 2 German empires or Reichs; the Roman Empire and the German Empire of 1871 to 1918.)
  • A totalitarian state was setup with both new and old economic policies, mass spectacles, and organizations in order to achieve these plans.

Maintaining Control

In order to prevent opposition against the Nazi regime, the SS was established. Under Heinrich Himmler's rule, the SS used terror and repression to maintain order in Germany. Not only did the SS control the secret police, they also controlled the regular police.
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1. What is the significance of Hitler coming to power in Germany?

2. How do you think he shaped our generation? what would the world be like like if Hitler never came to power?
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