INSPIRING HOMES Staging & Redesign

Homes to Sell? Lets GROW together in 2015!!

How staging SELLS homes FASTER and for MORE MONEY

Lets start with some statistics...

In a survey of over 3500 HSR staged homes, more than 50% sold for 10% more!!

  • On average, the seller spent less than 1% on staging service costs for a 100% return on investment
  • Over 300 HSR Stagers and Agents participated from across the globe.
  • About 52% of Homes were Occupied and 48% were Vacant homes.

Inspiring Homes, is here to help you sell more homes and for more money in 2015!!!

Michele Carpenter, Owner and Designer of Inspiring Homes is a former educator in the Fashion and Interior Design Industry for 17 Years. She has the knowledge and passion to help Realtors and homeowners ready their home for the Real Estate Market.

There are three ways that I can help you and your clients to sell their home.

1. Staging of an Occupied Home

2. Staging of Vacant Home

3. Redesign

This can be done for the homeowner that LOVES their home (and NOT selling) but NEEDS a new look!! OR, a homeowner that recently purchased a home that needs some updating or NEW LOOK!!

I have a partnership with a local showroom of flooring, cabinetry and counter top selections to aide in the update of the home. I can also assist the homeowner in selection of paint colors, drapery, and furniture.

I am expecting to a wonderful 2015 year of business and personal growth. I hope that our teams can join together and make this possible for everyone!! I look forward to meeting and working with each one of you this year. I am available for individual and group presentations of my work or the staging process and benefits.

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Inspiring Homes is a professional Home Staging and Redesign company that Inspires potential buyers to feel at "Home"