Ballad Poems

By Sam and Nick.

The History of Ballad Poems.

The ballad evolved and grew from several medieval roots, most notably Provencal folk music. The form had been known orally for centuries prior, with storytellers using the line breaks and rhythm to enrapture their audiences as they passed along tales and histories.

How to write a Ballad Poem

  • Come up with a topic.
  • Pick a theme.( Love, Disaster, Scandal and on and on.)
  • Pick a event to describe in your tale.
  • Start Writing, and make sure to take some time on the hook.
  • It must go by the abab rule but you can change in the middle.

Sams Poem

if I want to win this race,

It's going to be tough.

I need to find my pace.

This race will be rough,

But I will win this race.

The Guy next to me is buff.

He says he is the best

but he is throwing a bluff

I know I will when this race

because I am tough.

Nick's Poem

I heard coach say my name.

I thought it was a bluff.

All I knew was my friend was in Pain.

My coach sighed with a huff.

I knew if I didn't do good the bench is where I'd remain.

I wasn't nervous, because I felt tough.

My first play my friend and I caused a fumble.

Then I knew it wasn't a bluff.

One Ballad Poem.

One fine glorious summer day

I wandered the beach, much like a stray

I had with me no company

But I made friends that day.

Come on little lobsters,

You can crawl with me.

We’ll find buried treasure then we’ll sail the seven seas.

The sands were hot, the sun shone bright

The waves crashed on the shore.

We searched that beach for hours,

But never were we bored.

Come on crawling crabs,

No need to hide from me.

We’ll find buried treasure then we’ll sail the seven seas.

We came across a hidden cave,

Amongst the burning sands.

No treasure there, but a ship to sail,

And a map to distant lands!

Come on merry dolphins,

Swim along with me.

We’ll find buried treasure then we’ll sail the seven seas

A second Ballad Poem

The meanest criminal I know’s a man named Johnny King.

He’ll spit in your eye at a funeral, and then he’ll dance and sing.

His mother never raised him right, his father weren’t around,

One of these days someone’s gonna put Johnny underground.

Now Johnny had a habit, a nasty evil thing.

He liked to go to weddings, and steal the wedding ring,

But then one day the sheriff's girl got married in the town

And the sheriff set himself to putting Johnny underground.

But Johnny was a clever man, more so than people thought.

He didn’t need to steal the ring, he stole the daughter’s heart.

The sheriff hated Johnny so, but what could he do now?

He set to planning for the day he’d run Johnny out of town.

Third Ballad Poem

They threw me in the slammer, stripped of my dignity

I barely got a word in, they gave me the third degree.

My family was so confused, no idea what was going on

But I knew I could beat this charge, this simple felony.

My lawyer showed up late to court, he looked an awful mess.

He told me the fastest way to do this was simply to confess.

The jury already hated me and would surely find “guilty,”

But I knew I could beat this charge, this simple felony.

The judge he roared and slammed his hammer hard upon the stand.

He ordered me to plea, and I said “Your honor, lend me a hand,”

He told me I was being charged with murder, second degree,

And I hoped I could beat this charge, this simple felony.

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