Middle School

Author: James Patterson, Number of pages:256

Join Rafe in the story of Surviving Art school!


Rafe a 7th grader's life changes up/side/down when his mom's restaurant gets burned down. Rafe and his family moves into a big city where he gets accepted into an amazing art school.In his new school he gets bullied and surprisingly gets a friend:Mr.Freak who fights bullies and saves him.Mr.Freak is very naughty and a little scary.He could get Rafe into big trouble.The junk sculpture was assigned to Rafe a few days later.He and Mr.Freak had a plan to destroy the bullies sculpture to get revenge on them for bullying him.They steal the bullies sculptures and run upstairs to hide it,when the teacher comes. Rafe quickly hides into a trashcan when the trashcan tips over and Rafe falls.Rafe get in school suspension when the teachers see the bullies project.

Then one day Mr.Freak steals a pen and there friendship is over.

Rafe gets mad and scared so,he skips school,steals money from his mom,and runs away back to Hills Village.What will happen next,will he get into big trouble or will something spectacular will happen?


Hard work and struggles pay off. When go to a new place in the starting you think everything is so bad but later it turns out to be great.

The way this relates to my life is about school and moving. I moved from California to Georgia Just like Rafe moved from the village to a big city. I felt sad and mad when I moved just like Rafe. Working hard in school it pays off, I get a good grade, But just like Rafe there were some very hard times for me.When i get assigned a project or assignment which is kind of hard I get frustrated and a little annoyed. Just like how Rafe runs away I try to step away from the problem. I.I don't run away but I read a book or do something relaxing. When I came here at first, I thought I would no get any friends or there would be mean teachers but no it turned out to be great!