Ten Dead by Pyschopath

By Drew Kelso

Soldier Island Killer

Anthony Marston, Emily Brent, Vera Claythorne, Lawrence Wargrave, Philip Lombard, Edward Armstrong, William Blore, John Macarthur, Thomas Rogers, Ethel Rogers, and Isaac Morris were the victims of the murders. Ten people went to Soldier Island on August 8th. They were all invited there. Once they got there they were greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, the butler and maid. After they got there systematically killed off. Anthony Marston was the first to die by poison. Then Ethel Rogers was killed with an overdose of Chloral Hydrate. General Macarthur was the next to die by a blunt force to the head. Thomas Rogers was killed with an ax on Aug. 10th. Miss Brent was injected with cyanide and died on the 10th also. Later that day Justice Wargrave met his end with a shot in the head with a revolver. Armstrong was pushed off of a cliff later that night. On the 11th Detective Blore left the two remaining and went to the house. He was crushed by a marble clock. Philip Lombard was shot in the heart. Vera Claythorne was the last one to perish. She was hanged. Isaac Morris did not go to the island but still perished. They all met an untimely death. The killings were based off of the old poem "10 Soldier Boys".

Psychopath Known

Scotland Yard just released a document that says Justice Lawrence Wargrave is the killer. He picked people who murdered but could not be arrested and tried for murder. He set his plan in motion by sending each of them a letter. He killed them off elaborately. Then he faked his death with his partner (who he killed later) Dr. Armstrong. He was then free to kill the rest of them. He committed suicide after everyone was dead.

Reader's Editorial

I enjoyed the book because it kept me in suspense until the very end. The Epilogue tells a lot and gives helpful insight to what happened. I could not stop reading. The end note from Justice Wargrave was very interesting. I felt that there should have been more action in the novel instead of them just sitting around. They had so many parts in the book where they just sat together without saying a word.