Gender Inequality

Put an end to the barrier that exists only in people's minds

Why is progress so hesitant after so many years of implementation?

Educated girls grow into women who generally live better lives with healthier babies. This ends the vicious poverty cycle. So why shouldn't we be promoting, almost to the point of forcing, for our girls to go to primary, secondary, and even tertiary level schooling?

Well, there are barriers people are not always aware of, that need policy and legislative change. School fees and additional costs such as transport, clothing, and books reinforce the gender gap. This is because when poor families cannot afford to educate all their children, it is often their daughters who have to stay home until they get married. How is that fair in any way?

Furthermore, harassment and insecurity may deter girls from attending school. Many girls face sexual and physical abuse from teachers and peers, both in school and on the journey to school. According to the WHO, sexual coercion and harassment are most commonly experienced at home and in school.

It is time for you to help.

If this issue strikes you in any way please do not hesitate to join the initiative to make the change women all around the world have been longing for. Check out UNGEI (United Nations Girls' Education Initiative to find out how you can help.