Last month? Break your routine!

Encourage your students (and yourself) on to new challenges.

Step out in 4 different directions!

The last few weeks of school are an intense time. Both you and your students are feeling strong emotions as you come away from the testing fervor and are pulled by the warm summer days toward the end of your year together. Step out of your comfort zone and channel all that spring fever into some new directions for learning excitement. These ideas will add some energy as your delve into, and wrap up, your last TRS unit! (Be sure and check the bottom of this Smore for some fun.)

Still calling on one student at a time?

It's been a few months since we met to explore the 5 basic Kagan strategies. If you weren't comfortable taking the time to experiment before, what better time than now? Not only will you see how well it works, but your students will have something different and collaborative to help with the 'itis' everyone is experiencing.
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Rally Robin

Step 1 - Think time: Think about the teacher's question. Give students time to think. In this example, I want students to identify renewable resources that followed some direct instruction.

Step 2 - Students will take turns with their partner. Students will share 1 idea per turn.

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Timed Pair Share

Step 1 - Think time: Think about the teacher's question. Give students time to think. In this example, my class read a passage about a story involving a hero. The question to the class is, "Share a new ending to the story if the main character doesn't choose to act in a heroic way."

Step 2 - Partner A, Share. Partner B, listen until time is up.

Step 3 - Partner B, appreciate Partner A.

Step 4 - Switch roles and share again.

In these two examples, students are engaged, no one can hide, and the teacher doesn't have to deal with kids shouting out answers or being upset because they weren't called on. Speaking and listening skills are addressed.

Students become good listeners.

Students learn to thank others.

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Pick one of the above or an idea you've been hankerin' to try. I will work alongside and learn with you. I'll be by in the next couple of weeks! Alice

Wanna have some photoFUNia?

It doesn't have to all be about school. Go to this free site, upload your family or friends' photos, and turn them into some pretty serious works of art - or just crazy fun.