Get to know Julian Thorn

Family and More

I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I have a brother who is 15 named Grant and another who is 9 named Brock. My brother and sister are Cole and Kacie, they are my step siblings and I have known them almost my whole life. My sister Kacie is currently attending Texas A&M as a college freshman. My brothers Cole and Grant are both sophomores here at HHS and my brother Brock is in 3rd grade at Stewart Elementary.

I play tennis for the high school, I am the number one girl on our team this year. I started playing freshman year and I absolutely love it. I enjoy watching football both NFL and college. I love the Dallas Cowboys through thick and thin. I also enjoy watching baseball, but only in person. My brothers Cole and Brock both play and they are my favorite to watch.

My favorite animal is an elephant. I love them.

My favorite hobby would definitely be tennis.

My favorite memory would have to be this week, on Tuesday. We went to Bryan Rudder high school and won 13-6. I also won both of my games.

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