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Friday, January 15th

Clothing for Cold Weather

Oh the weather outside is frightful! At least it's getting there! This is my LEAST favorite season because I despise being cold! I guess it's the Florida girl in me that can't wait for Spring to come back! Unfortunately, we still have a long winter ahead of us which means we need to dress the part! We will not have outside recess if it is too cold, but if the wind chill is above 32 degrees, we hit the playground. Please remember to send your kids with appropriate winter clothing such as warm socks and shoes, coats, and gloves.

First Semester Perfect Attendance

A big congratulations goes out to Sara Laster and James Strader for being at school EVERY DAY during the entire first semester!!!

That is certainly not easy with appointments and illnesses, but these two pulled it off! Way to go!!!

Next Week at a Glance

  • Writing: We will start working on informational writing.
  • Foundations and Reading: We will learn to identify the main idea in our text.
  • Math: We continue long division with remainders. (Take a deep breath. We are going to get through this!)
  • Content: We will continue learning about Missouri Statehood.


As a grade level, 4th grade has increased their scores on the Writing Benchmark by 41%!!!!

This is a huge celebration! Way to go, 4th grade!!!

Important Dates!

  • January 18th - Martin Luther King Jr. school! Unless we need it as a snow day make up.
  • January 19th - McTeacher Night at McDonald's, 4-8pm. (Ms. Parker will be there from 5:15-6:00pm!)
  • January 29th - PTO Glow Party!


  • Please call and let the office know if there will be any changes in transportation at the end of the day!
  • We have one snack each day at either 10:30 or 2:00. Please make sure your child DOES NOT bring any snack that has nuts in it. We have students with food allergies.
  • Reading Logs are due EVERY day except Monday! Reading at home is so important!
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