Breaking News!! Camelot is found!!!

Report By: Mitch Kamp

The Knightly News

The Newspaper of your Medieval British Community.

Cadbury is No Longer Buried

Breaking News: Cadbury Castle is King Arthur's Camelot! To get more insight for our British Community, I first interviewed William Lace. "Archaeologist Leslie Alcock's work on Cadbury Castle in the 1960s revealed remnants of a large fortified enclosure similar to those of Arthur's time period." He said. He added it was "clearly a major center." Basically, they found parts of an old major castle called Cadbury Castle, and it was obviously something pretty important. Next, I sat down with Geoffrey Ashe. He was able to tell me that "somebody had lived here at about the time of Arthur, and most likely a "somebody" of wealth and standing who could import luxury goods." He said he thinks that someone lived where Cadbury maybe once was that was about at the time when Arthur was alive, who could be high class or rich enough to import goods to his castle. That is pretty easy simple evidence right there. If it was Arthur, it matches up him in his British social status at least. Last but not least, I caught up with and met David Nash Ford. He ended our conversation with, "Furthermore, the incomparable size of the Cadbury fort has led to the suggestion that a High-King such as Arthur would be the most likely resident." Since the possible Cadbury Castle is so big, it had to have held a King. And since a lot of other signs point to King Arthur, that is the probable owner of the palace. I mean, the castle is HUGE! Why wouldn't it be Arthur's? It's in Britain, from that time period, and there have been a ton of other clues saying it is his. So, why wouldn't the King of the Britain Community own it? Why not?

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