Cell Phones Ruining Our Lives?

Everyone will have pain because of cell phones

The people who brought us the phone thought it would change the world. They were right, it most certainly did. But one question still remains: Is it a good or bad change?


One problem with cell phones is that kids use them while doing homework. This can cause kids to not finish their homework. Also, they are on their phone so much, that it takes them until midnight or later to finish their homework. The next morning at school, they could fall asleep during class as a result of the night before. This could end up affecting the kid’s grades by decreasing their potential for a better grade. Kids could also use their phones during class during their regular work which could distract them. This could 1) get their phone taken up and 2) make them not know the material that they are studying. There are many things that could support this statement; this is only one. “It's tough enough for most teens to hit the sack at a reasonable hour. If you're still sending and receiving text messages after lights out, you're probably depriving yourself of even more of the 8 1/2 hours of sleep you need.” (Teens and Screens).


Teens can possibly fix this problem with the help of their parents. If parents limit the amount of time that their kids spend on electronics, then the problem of falling asleep in class would be eradicated. There is a setting on phones that parents could use that does not allow you to text after a certain time. If parents put that setting into effect, they would not have to worry about their kids grades. Also, teens could help themselves get over their addiction. They could do this by hiding their phone where they can’t see it, getting their parents to hide it, or just making themselves turn it off 15 to 30 minutes before they go to bed. The main way that parents can help their teens get over the phone addiction though is to limit the amount of time that their kids are spending on phones. All in all, this is a simpler problem to solve involving phones.


Playing on your phone is a blast, and so is watching videos. It's all fun and games until you start to have neck pains. Dont freak out just quite yet. Most likely you are experiencing “Text Neck” (Alive). Text Neck includes pain or numbness in your neck, back, shoulders, strained eyes, difficult breathing, headaches, are asthma. As you draw your chin towards your neck, muscles in your neck engage to hold your head in place. Your head weighs 10-12 pounds, so that means lots of strain is put on those muscles and that is what causes your neck or back to starts hurting or Text Neck. This is big problem that faces all people with a cell phone or even a mobile device.


To prevent all of the nasty effects of “Text Neck” from permanently damaging your body, here is a small solution. Take some time away from electronics including TV even though it doesn't give you Text Neck. Go outside and play or just sit and watch the sky go by. Also, do a few neck stretches while you are on your devices. Finally, every once in awhile look up from your device. Look around for maybe a minute or so to relieve the pressure from your neck muscles. The fate of your posture depends all about how much you care about sitting and living right on your phone. Just like the old saying, put your shoulders back and your head up and you won't have to experience the pain and suffering of Text Neck anymore.

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Both sides of the argument still stand: you either think phones are great, or you want live in a cell phone free world.


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