Land of Stories: The Grimm Warning

By: Lizzie Rayl

Chris Colfer

He is the author of my book the Land of Stories

He has won the best actor award.

The Rating on the book is a 5

  1. It is the most interesting book I have ever read
  2. It has true feeling

The protagonist in the book is Alex and Conner

Conner is Alex's sister and he try's to save the land of stories form the French Armey.

The antagonist in the book is the French Armey.

They have been in a portal for so many centuries just so they can take over the fairytale world, and they want a dragon so they can kill all the fairies, I think that is pretty evil

The setting- time and place

  • Well I think that the time is problem about this time ( 2015 )
  • The place is in the land of stories

Theam of the story is always think that history is teaching you a lesson or in the books case a warning

When Conner was listening to the old stories from the Grimm Dorothea's time capsul te last one was a warning

The conflict of the story is character vs character

It was Alex and Conner vs the French Armey

Memorable quotes

1."It takes one bad apple to discrace the hole tree"

2."Always think that the impossible is possible"

The history behind the character

Alex and Conner have faces the entrantress, they collected the 8 hardest wishing spell items and they almost got killed 4 times. And there is going to be many more stories in the future.
The Land Of Stories A Grimm Warning

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