Josh Webb

SSS Spotlight

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Josh Webb

Major: Finance

Graduation Date: 2008

Current Position: Senior Financial Specialist for UW Credit Union

Best part about being a student in the SSS program: Everyone at SSS was always so caring and helpful. They were a great mentor and resource to me and I never felt alone during times of struggle or success.

Why you give back to the Learning Groups now: The Learning Groups give me an opportunity to give back to SSS and to meet new students every year. I have built strong relationships with through the Learning Groups and have seen many students take the information I have presented and use it in their college and professional careers. I get great gratification knowing students are utilizing and taking advantage of the information and tools provided in the Learning Groups and applying them to their lives.

Tips for students to be financially successful: Being proactive about seeking out opportunities to learn about finances, credit and self service options to make life easier as needs change.

Tips for students to be successful in their college careers:

  • Make sure to utilize Student Support Services as a main resource
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help
  • Do not forget that it is a marathon and not a sprint; enjoy the process but understand that college is a full time job and should be taken serious
  • Do not lose focus, study and ensure to keep an open mind