Strong People

Diverse people who have persevered through tough times

Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa (main character in the Rocky series) is constantly faced with physical and emotional challenges. He gets older as the movie series progresses, and he has to fight younger and stronger opponents as he goes along, and he trains in the slums with old equipment while his opponents train in world-renowned facilities. Along with his age and physical injuries, he also takes many emotional blows. He is dissed by the press, betrayal by his pupils, the death of his trainer, coming out of retirement, the death of his best friend Apollo Creed, losing all his money, problems with his son, and the death of his wife. But through all this, Rocky ends up retiring again and finding emotional closure.

Trapped Chilean Miners

In 2010, 33 miners were trapped in a mine in Chile. They went weeks before a drill even found their shelter. Instead of losing hope and freaking out, they made a specific schedule of work shifts to keep them alive. They were able to survive on some bread and fish between all of them until a tube was established to bring them food. They lived with no light light underground for 69 days.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson had to persevere through being the first African-American MLB player. He was hated by fans who were white, even the fans of his own team. He was constantly threatened and even attacked, although he was an amazing baseball player. He had to control his temper, because if he got angry it would be blamed on his skin color. He ended up making it, and is the best baseball payer of almost all time.