Better off Friends

By Elizabeth Eulberg

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Book Review By Kiasya Clowney

Levi and Macallan instantly connect when Levi moves to town form California. They become best friends. Every Wednesday Macallan will go over to Levi house and have dinner with his mom. They never missed a Wednesday. Levi didn't have any guy friends when he moved, so he starts longing for some guy friends. Levi starts to forgets plans and take rain checks with Macallan after he finally starts to get some guy friends.

Levi get's a girlfriend that happens to be Macallan's best friend. She set them up but after awhile she starts to second guess why she did. Levi ends up getting cheated on twice. He thought it was the way he kiss. Macallan wasn't having none of that so she kissed him. Ever since that little peck Levi been second guessing his feeelings. He does something unthinkable that sends Macallan running to her grandparents for the summer. When she comes back ready to confess her feelings something shocking has happened.

In this shocking romantic comedy, relationships bloom, cheating happens, arguments happen, jealousy, running away. From the first chapter it has you wanting more. I would recommend this book to anybody who likes a romantic comedy. It would keep you laughing so hard but also awing and wanting to cry. Read this book I guarantee you would love it.

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