The World Around You

Roaring Twenties

To what extent did American society and government demonstrate nativism, intolerance and racism in the 1920's

Nativism, intolerance, and racism was demonstrated in the 1920's by many things. In the 1920's, the Red Scare had occured, causing American citizens to be frightened about who in america were actually Communists. The Palmer Raids was an effort to deport anarchist in the 1920's. The Trial of two Italian men began on June 22, 1920, they were convicted. The National Origins Act and the Quota System were both used to limit the number of immigrants entering the us. The KKK and the Tulsa Race Riots were when the African American men were killed, arrested, and burned black commuinties in 1920's.

How did Republican Presidents and their policies affect Americans in the 1920's

Republican presidents and policies affected America with the change in taxes and the scandal of a republican cabinet member. The Fordney-McCumber Tariff and tax cut for the wealthy were used to regulate the economies and taxes of the 1920's. The Return to Normalcy and the Tea Pot Dome Scandal were used around Warren G. Hardlings presidency, as a presidential campaign and a scandal involving a republican official. Businesses in America, and Andrew Mellon were the progressing of business strategies and ideals, and the settling of French debts to the us. Rugged Individualism and the Stock Market crash of 1929 were the ideals that American's should be able to handle themselves, and the crash of the New York Stock exchange causing the Depression.

To what extent did the following economic factors lead to "Prosperity" in the late 1920's

Many economical events in the 1920's had helped lead The United States into a time of prosperity. The New York Stock Exchange and Buying Margins were used to make it easier and more effective for people in the U.S. to buy and sell stocks. Household Appliances and Automobiles were the technological advancements of household items and means of transportation to make life in the U.S. easier. Installment Buying and Modern Advertising were ways for the people in the United States to make more money through purchasing prices and advertising. Over Production and Debt were problems in the United States because they lowered the cost of products such as food, and debt was starting to pile up leading to the crash of the New York Stock Exchange.

How did the debates surrounding Traditionalism vs. Modernism and American values evolve in the 1920's

Traditionalism and modernism evolved with the changing of laws relating to the study of evolution, along with the change in women's opportunities, and the use of alcohol in America. Speakeasies and rise of crime in the 1920's had begun to grow, causing an increase in illegal alcohol and higher crime rates. The ideology of Evolution had begun to grow, causing many trials over the study of evolution to occur, Clarence Darrow took them on to test the Butler act, which was the prohibition of studying Evolution. Women in the 1920's started becoming accepted into more job opportunities, and began to change in both fashion and style.

How did mass culture and the arts demonstrate shifts in American culture

Mass Culture and change in American culture was expressed by the increase in sports players, the improvements of means of disseminating information, and increase in communities. Grange and Gertrude Ederle were two successful sports/Olympic players in the 1920's. Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald were two successful writers in the 1920's, believed to be apart of the "Lost Generation". Radio's and movies were helpful for finding ways to both occupy and inform people of the 1920's. Langston Hughes was the leader of the Harlem Renaissance, and Marcys Garvey was the founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League.

Modern America Comparison - American Economies and Technological Advancements

America today has had may technological advancements. For example the iPhone 6 has become a wide source of information out of a small device in your hand. Before 1973 you had to go to a library to look things up. Another example is the xbox one allowing us to play games on our televisions and not having to go outside to play games with our friends. The invention of wifi is a large advancement because it allows you to look things up where ever you are where in the 20's you had to listen to the radio or go to the library. The film making in the 20's was immobile you had to go to the theater to watch it. You couldn't just look it up on your phone, computer, or tablet. Investing in stocks in modern time has become much more advanced because its been computerized and is not by the books where we can keep better track of the stock exchanges. How the economy crashed in the 20's won't be able to happen again because of all the regulations regarding the banks and how much money they can hold and loan.