Acts of kindness

by: Alaina Dodd

acts of kindness

Have you ever had someone help you do something or give you something? Well that’s called a random an act of kindness\Pay it forward. If someone ever helps you help someone else so that it is not just you being nice and getting cared for its your whole community.

Some people don’t have money and it’s sad, but people with no food is even sadder. That’s why my friends and I are going to earn money to buy food to send to Haiti so people have enough food to eat. It’s kind of like Mary’s Meals, but it’s not. It’s more like let’s say, I go to school but my friend doesn’t. We would feed the people who go to schools and the people that don’t go to school so its really a totally different thing if you think about it.

Last night I bought my brother a pie because he didn't feel good. Another reason was because he didn't get to go to Mcdonalds when I was Girls Scout cookie selling. I then asked if we could go to Mcdonald to buy him a pie and because I gave him a pie he bought me a dream book . If you do something good you probably get something in return from the person that you did something nice to or someone different it really doesn't matter.

Yesterday I gave money to my mom because she didn’t have enough money to buy the food for dinner .So even if you don’t like what you're doing at least it is a good thing for you and your family.. Just do the right thing even if you don’t like the idea that comes to mind.

Now when you see someone that needs help or is feeling bad cheer them up or help. Then you and that person will feel good for what they did or for what happened to them. Just pay it forward! This will make you and other people happy.

Life Vest Inside - Kindness Boomerang - "One Day"

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that you for vewing my smore it means a lot to me.