Learning About Eating Disorders

Lori Auten

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders have become more and more common in this generation. The idea of being thin is embedded in both men and women who are all different ages. It is a sick and twisted idea that girls and boys are not able to be happy in the skin and body that they are in. To learn more about this we will answer several questions to explore more about eating disorders and how to start to help others that may have a eating disorders or that are on the road to developing an eating disorder.

How do you think learning about eating disorders can help prevent them?

  • Learn all you can about eating disorders, they can give you general awareness so you can avoid judgmental or mistaken attitudes about food, weight, body shape, and eating disorders.
  • Discourage the idea that a particular diet, weight, body size, will automatically lead to happiness and fulfillment.
  • If you think someone has an eating disorder express your concerns in a forthright caring manner. Gently but firmly.

By what qualities do you think people should be judged? Why?

You should examine their behaviors and should not try and "fix" them but instead offer a helping hand.

Are some foods "bad"? Explain your answer.

  • Avoid categorizing food as good and bad because you need a variety of food.
  • If you categorize food as good and bad you will start to obsess which could lead to the start of an eating disorder.
  • Some foods are healthier than other foods. But eating a variety of food is a good idea.

What are some media images and actions that promote thinness? What should you do when you see them?

Magazine covers of models who are most likely photoshopped. You should not compare yourselves to these people and instead start to feel comfortable in the skin your in.

How can you be a role model that might help others avoiding eating disorders?

Try and help them without coming off with a judgmental attitude. They need people to support them and help them through their difficult times.