Host a Slumber Party!

the social way to solve your sleep challenges

You're not the only one who isn't sleeping...

ABCs of Sleep offers group coaching sessions, or "Slumber Parties", for mothers wanting to talk sleep! Host a group of friends in your home for bites, beverages, and answers to your big sleep questions. Have fun and leave with new sleep goals and a plan you can follow.

Let's Get Together

If you live in the Bend - Redmond area I'll come to your home for a one-hour private group session to speak to you about infant and toddler sleep and any sleep topic of your choice. This is an inexpensive way to help you with your sleep needs and have a fun play date at the same time!

$40 per person, 5 person minimum. 8 people or more and the Host is free!

Included in this cost is 1 day of emails to touch base and answer any new questions or issues since our play date. Sometimes small refreshers are needed

** Parties in the San Francisco Bay Area available by special arrangement.

Guaranteed to be Relaxing and FUN!