diary of Anne frank

by:Andrew and Thomas

THE SHORT LIFE OF ANNE FRANK - Discovery History Biography War (full documentary)

who is Anne frank

She is a 13 year old girl in Amsterdam,Netherlands her BIRTH DATE is June 12, 1929 and her DEATH DATE was March, 1945.

what is happening in her life

She is in the middle of WORLD WAR 2 and now she has to go into hiding from the Nazi Army,

because they are putting all of the Jews in Concentration Camps.
At the Concentration Camp you immediately get put you in a gas chamber and if you survive you survive and get tortured and worked to death and if you die you get thrown into the pit of fire.

the occupants of the annex

Anne,Margot,Mrs. and Mr. Frank,with Peter,Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan ,and Mr. Dussel
Kurt Widmann - Schön ist die Nacht (1940)