FSE Weekly Update

There's a Superhero in Each of Us!

October 16, 2015

Guardian of the Galaxy!

Heather Titzman is our Superhero of the week! Thanks for covering car duty!

Remember to acknowledge each other for acts of kindness and going above and beyond on our Guardian of the Galaxy bulletin board by the mailboxes.

Meet Students Where They Are

You have heard me say it over and over again. If you have a student who is significantly behind, you must accommodate and meet the student where they are. If you were learning Russian for example, it would do you no good to get a complicated story in Russian over and over again. You would need pictures and simple words to start with. A student doesn't need to be 504 or Sped to have work shortened, simplified, use of manipulatives, etc. Find a way for the student to experience success. This is where guided reading, guided math, and writer's workshop come into play. Each student is at a different level and needs something different. If the student needs manipulatives for addition, then have them carry their baggie of manipulatives around.

Defending Public Schools

This past weekend, I was at a baseball tournament out of town. As I sat in the stands, a group of parents and grandparents began discussing how public schools are "dumbing down" what students are learning. I immediately became defensive and spoke up. Their perception arose from the simple fact that "students aren't learning cursive anymore." I reflected on this, took a deep breath, and talked about all of the things we are doing. I shared about the new math standards, our overnight 5th grade trip, Little Sprouts, Robotics club, etc. The group was impressed (or faked being impressed). My takeaways were:

1. Public perception is crucial to our success. We work way too hard for people to think we are "dumbing down."

2. We have to tell our story- thank you to everyone who is mailing postcards home, putting pictures in the paper, sending lesson videos/pictures to Kim, etc.

3. Being able to read and write cursive is important, but time is a factor for us... So look for ways to let this be homework, extension activities, and enrichment opportunities in 2nd-5th grade.

Tuesday, October 20 is Child Study- Meet in the Cafeteria

Paras do not need to meet for Child Study. Teachers will start off in the cafeteria.

(Tuesday, October 27 is a Faculty Meeting; 3rd grade snack provider.)

Deadline for Grant is October 19.

The deadline is October 19! The application is fairly simple... ask for ipads, music instruments, art supplies, attendance incentives, robotics club supplies, garden supplies, etc. We want South represented when the winners are announced!

Counseling Corner

Homework Assistance Lab will be open Tuesday-Friday, 7:00-7:25 in the library.Please send your students who need help with homework!

Paw Buck Store is now open: Monday-Friday, 7:00-7:25- If your students are asking for particular items for the store, please let us know!


Weekly Good News Submission For October

Please be sure to email Kim Cathey for the Wilson County News.

October 5: Teresa Sisti

October 12: Jeanne Friesenhahn/Betty Gonzales/Jennifer Macias/Leticia Gutierrez

October 19: Caroline Cragun/Brandi Shaffer

October 26: Chelsey Ingle/Jordan Sekula

Save the Dates!

Please remember to check the !ALL South online calendar.

October 16- End of 1st 9 weeks

October 19- Choir afterschool

October 20- Child Study Meetings; Professional Staff meet in the cafeteria to start off

October 21- Region 20 will be on campus for some ELAR observations

October 22- 2nd grade field trip to the zoo

October 26-30- Red Ribbon Week

October 26- New Teacher meeting/ choir

October 27- Faculty Meeting; 1st grade field trip to the zoo; supplemental insurance enrollment

October 28- Little Sprouts

Happy Birthday to our October Birthdays!!!!

October 6- Karol Koehler

October 7- Teresa Sisti

October 9- LaLa Silva

October 11- Katrina Montoya

October 14- Christy Canales

October 19- Kathleen Frantz and Sonia Lucio

October 24- Brandi Shaffer

October 30- Amelia Ortiz and Leticia Gutierrez

Use of Donor Websites

It is becoming more and more common for teachers, clubs, organizations to use donor websites, such as DonorsChoose or GoFundMe. Below are the procedures to follow if you are looking at utilizing something like this.

Student Activity Fund Raising Procedure

October 5, 2015

District staff shall not utilize an external donor website to seek donations for the district or a campus without the written authorization of the Campus Principal and the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations. Donor websites shall not be established by the district for the personal benefit of a staff member or student. If a district staff member or student establishes a personal donor webpage, the webpage link may not be distributed to staff and students via the district email system.

Student activity clubs and organizations may utilize external donor websites to seek donations for their club or organization with the written authorization of the Campus Principal and the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations.

Donations, if any, received through the donor website shall be deposited in the appropriate depository account. All expenditures with the donated funds shall follow the established purchasing and payment procedures.

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