Progressive Era

Reduce Working Hours

Facts to argue it is unjust:

  1. After too many work hours, people are tired so the work is not very good after a long time. When we are tired we are not working efficiently
  2. They work shooter hours so better work is done
  3. The machines will be in bad conditions after many hours of work
  4. When the workers are tired, the work gets messed up and the workers hurt themselves
  5. They miss days of work because they are sleepy

Facts to argue how the reform will benefit people:

  1. If they work a lot they do a lot of work
  2. Workers are less tired so they don't hurt
  3. The work is done faster (more production)
  4. They don't have to hire many people
  5. The machines are in better condition



Michael Bravenec, Mason Engman, Caitlin McFarland, Coline Duriez