The Chamelon Wore Chartruese

by:bruce hale


Chet Gecko

He likes AWESOME mysteries. Chet is a private eye. He LOVES stinkbug pie. He is sly. He is funny.{ who put the boom in the shaka laka boom boom?}He is curious. He is in fourth grade. He goes to Emrson Hicky Elmentary.He's a lizard

Natalie attarid

She eats worms. She's the brainiest mocking bird in town. She is tricky. She also goes to Emerson Hicky Elementary. She likes to joke{ what do you get when you cross a with a trash collecter? Grease and quackers. She's a bird.

Shirley Chamleon

She is in love with Chet.{that is her secret}Her brother is the mystery. She is a cheerleader. She promised Chet stinkbug pie if he finds Billy in time for the football game. She is a Gecko.


He's mean. He's big. He got kicked of the football team. He released cockroches to get revenge on the team and coach Straganoff. He is a Gila Monster.


She is strick. She is the beast of room three. She got Chet in detention for two days. She is an alligator.


She smacks people with her ruler if they are bad.{ In prticuler Chet}She is over-weight. She is a toad.


He is a football player. Red headed. Talks a lot about a football game and team. he is a hedgehog.

Coach Stroganoff

He is lazy. He is a grand funk miester. He is the football coach. he has his own office. he is a groundhog.


She is one of he rat sisters. Rizzo likes to steal people's lunches.She is a rat.


She is one of the rat sisters. She steals little kids lunches. She is a tricker. She is a rat.


She gave chet a choclate covered termite. She is a cheerleader. No trickster found in her. She is nice. She is a little mouse.


He wears disquies. Very convincing disquies. He is shirleys little sister. He was convinced to be hermans little astistaint. He is the main thing the writer wanted in his story. He is a chameleon.

Princapal zero

He has a spanking machine. { The spanking machine must hurt}He is a cat a fat cat.


The story takes place in......

The Playground

The Gym

The Classroom

The Footbalol field

The Dump

The Swiming Pool

An The Detendtion Room


Chet was on the roof of the playground

Coach Straganoff was the teams coach

Mr.Ratnose is the teacher

Herman didn't get revenge on the team

Tricky dog was in the dump

Extra Clorine

Chet had two days of detention


Chet has ran out of good ideas on were Billy is. So him and Natalie try to atempt the soulution. An were Billy is you'll just have to read to find out.

Atempts to solve the problem

Going to the dump,Because they thought Herman would be there. He wasn't.

Going to find Billy and face Herman themselves.

Going to Coach Stroganoff to find out who the big Baboo is. The Rat Sisters told them that the big Baboo would know where Billy is.


They knew thet Billy wore disquises. So when they saw that the refree was tiny. Chet figured out that it was BILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Chet got stinkbug pie! Yuck.