My food that I am doing is spaghetti. Spaghetti is from china. China is in the northeastern hemisphere, the latitude of china is 39.9139 the longitude of china is 116.3917. The area of china is 9,600,000 ( sq km).
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chinas land

The natural resources of china are coal, iron, tin, copper, lead, zinc, molybdenum, tugs ten, mercury, graphite, antimong, magnesite, fluorspar. The natural hazards of china are frequent typhones, damaging floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, droughts, and land subsidence. There are 55 ethnic minority groups.


Some major cities in china are Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Taipei, Chengdu. The landforms of china are land of the red flame, mountain and water painting, the red wave, the colorful bank, kabala national forest park, and the soil forest.
1 pound ground beef

1 large onion, chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 (8-ounce) can tomato sauce

1 (6-ounce) can tomato paste

3 cups tomato juice

1 cup water

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon sugar

2 to 3 teaspoons chili powder

1 teaspoon dried oregano

Dash of pepper

1 (7-ounce) package spaghetti, uncooked

Grated Parmesan cheese

Garnish: fresh Italian parsley sprigs. A written description of spaghetti is that it is noodles with meat sauce.

A place where you can get this stuff is at venzia. it is located on northwest express way. You can purchase it for 8:95$.
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The website that I found this stuff on was google.